` Jesse L. Walker: Resume

Professional Experience


Comfortable being either a one-man show or heading up an ensemble cast. From providing leadership in new or existing product efforts to establishing a successful consulting and design business, my ability to manage all aspects of the business is well-established.

Accomplishments: Led product teams through various high-profile product launches, including complete re-branding, redesigned product funnels, new platform releases, and multiple "homepage" redesigns; Managed design and development teams through delivery of avatar-based decision-support system for aircraft maintainers; managed contracts and provided services to a variety of clients seeking design and product consultation.


By employing deep domain and market knowledge, staying up to date on the latest developments in technology, and staying in tune with long-term business goals, I have consistently demonstrated an ability to help shape a creative and strategic vision enabling a high level of success moving into the future.

Accomplishments: Helped lead strategic planning on executive team during pivotal product launches and relaunches; Defined new product pillars to help guide future product decisions; Developed long- and short-term product roadmaps to most effectively meet business goals and revenue numbers; Served on a number of teams to develop governing design guides and documents; authored various position papers on strategic direction of initiatives; Developed dozens of concepts and mockups to help guide vision and product planning for upcoming long-term initiatives.


Award-winning design veteran who excels in taking business challenges, aligning them to user capabilities and expectations, and turning them into products or product enhancements that significantly "move" the needle.

Accomplishments: Design and delivery of numerous new "core" features as part of BetterCloud's relaunch; Redesign of primary conversion funnel experience at AutoTrader.com; Design of AutoTrader.com mobile app for iOS; Redesign of primary video advertising products; Development of company-wide standards and experience guide at three different organizations; Design and development prototypes for user testing ahead of broader product launches.

Work History

UX Manager

2016 - Forest Giant - Louisville, KY

Design Architect

2015-2016 - Humana - Louisville, KY


2015 - Freelance - Atlanta, GA

VP of Product

2014-2015 - BetterCloud - Atlanta, GA

Director of User Experience

2014 BetterCloud - Atlanta, GA

User Experience Manager

2013-2014 - Altisource - Atlanta, GA

Senior Consumer Experience Strategist

2009-2013 - AutoTrader.com - Atlanta, GA

Interaction Designer

2007-2009 - AutoTrader.com - Atlanta, GA

Designer/Researcher in Human Factors Group

2003-2007 - University of Dayton Research Institute - Dayton, OH


2002-2003 - Kentucky Psychological Association - Louisville, KY

Designer and Developer of Customer Sites

1998-2004 - Independent Web Developer - Louisville, KY


Experimental Human Factors Psychology

University of Dayton - Dayton, OH - 2003-2005 - ABT


Bellarmine University -Louisville, KY - 2000-2003 - B.A.


Gold Award of Excellence in the Mobile Apps – Shopping category

2012 - The Communicator Awards

Silver Award of Distinction in the Mobile Apps – Business category

2012 - The Communicator Awards

Gold Award of Excellence Award of Excellence in Online Advertising & Marketing - "Other" category

2012 - The Communicator Awards

Gold Award of Excellence Award of Excellence in Online Advertising & Marketing - Rich Media category

2012 - The Communicator Awards

Online Advertising - Gold

2012 - Horizon Interactive Awards/

Q3 Winner's Circle Award

2012 - AutoTrader.com

Innovator of the Year - Finalist

2009 - AutoTrader.com

Creativity in Product Strategy

2009 - AutoTrader.com

Outstanding Service Award

2004,2005 - Human Factors & Ergonomics Society, Southern Ohio Chapter

Graduate Research Award

2005 - Sigma Xi, University of Dayton


Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

Languages & Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, sqlite, mySQL, Markdown, SASS, LESS

Tools: InDesign, TextMate, Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator, Omnigraffle, Visio, Quicktime, Final Cut Express, JAWS, MS Office, iWork

Publications & Presentations

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Walker, J. L. (2002). Self-assessment of computer expertise as predictor of actual performance.Paper and presentation at the Mid-America Undergraduate Psychology Research 2002 conference.